Pearson Languages 

English Learning for K-12: Empower Learners with Dynamic Courses

English Learners are a growing part of the K-12 student population. Our diverse range of English language learning courses meet the needs of learners at every stage of proficiency. From pre-primary to high school, our courses offer tailored solutions designed to enhance language skills and build confidence. Each course is carefully crafted to engage learners with exciting content and activities while providing comprehensive support for language acquisition. Discover the ideal course for your learners and unlock their potential in English language proficiency.
Pre-primary and Primary Courses:
  • My Disney Stars and Friends
  • New Big Fun
  • My Disney Stars and Heroes
  • English Code
  • Big English series
  • New Cornerstone
Middle School Courses: 
  • Wider World
  • New Keystone 
High School Courses:
  • Focus on Grammar

English Learning for Adults: Equip Learners with Relevant Skills 

  • Step Up
Step Up provides learners with the skills to succeed in a competitive job market while developing their English Language skills, There are two ways to learn: a self-study course or a self-study course combined with a teacher-led class. Learners develop English language skills through practice in listening, reading, and notetaking skills, pronunciation practice and employability skills practice. Upon completion of the course, learners can proudly display their digital Credly badge and share their achievements across social media.
  • Mondly by Pearson
Mondly by Pearson is a fun, easy, and effective way to learn a new language anytime, anywhere, on any device. The platform allows learners to develop their language skills and be prepared for the most common situations, give fluency, and allow for constant improvement via bite-size daily lessons.