Project Management Institute® (PMI) created the curriculum for the PMI Project Management Ready™ certification. The learning content is designed to help educators introduce and engage with concepts that will prepare learners for the certification exam.

Learning content is broken down into four different modules:

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts

Module 2: Business Analysis Frameworks

Module 3: Traditional Plan-Based Methodologies

Module 4: Agile Methodologies

All modules have a course outline that is broken down by week to make lesson planning simple. Each week learners participate in a variety of learning activities to introduce concepts and reinforce their learning. Some examples include:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Learning games
  • Videos
  • Web Quests
  • Knowledge Checks

The instruction design of this course has been created for flexible integration into the classroom. With the versatility of e-Learning content, instructors have the freedom to support learners in classroom, virtual, and hybrid settings. Although some of the assignments can be completed independently, the additional support of an instructor is helpful and encouraged.

This courseware will prepare students to take the PMI Project Management Ready certification and allow them to prove their knowledge of project management. Certifying allows students to gain a credential and prepare for their future college education, career, and beyond.