The MTA exams will be retiring on June 30, 2022. If you are currently studying for this exam, please note that your exam must be taken before the retirement date. You will no longer be able to purchase the exam after June 30, 2021. Refer to the FAQ for more details.


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With Microsoft certification badges on Acclaim, you can easily share your accomplishments with friends, family, and even potential employers.  Plus, you can get real-time job data, including open positions, requirements and salaries based on your IT skills and qualifications.

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Start standing out today by showing off your brand-new Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) digital badge wherever you are online. You have earned your certification, now you need to let others know. Your digital badge is an easy way to let employers see what you have learned and how it applies to their business. With so many Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams, you can earn plenty of badges to help you rise above other candidates. Best of all, the badges do not cost anything.


Help your students get hired in their field of study by showing off their brand-new certification! By utilizing Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) digital badges, your students can stand out from the crowd and help others see the skills that your students have learned in your class. Your students can easily add a digital badge to their online profile and there is no charge.

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Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA) stand out from the crowd. When you use your digital badge to show others your accomplisment, it gives others the verifiable data of what you have done. Each Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification has a unique digital badge. Check them out below:

Coding certification badges

MTA Software Development Fundamentals 2018 MTA Mobility and Device Fundamentals 2018 MTA Introduction to Programming Using Python 2018 MTA Introduction to Programming Using Javascript 2018 MTA Introduction to Programming Using Java Certified 2018 MTA Introduction to Programming Using HTML andn CSS 2018 MTA Introduction to Programming using Block-Based Languages 2018 MTA Application Development Fundamentals 2018 

IT infrastructure certification badges

MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals 2018 MTA Security Fundamentals 2018 MTA Networking Fundamentals 2018 MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 2018

Database certification badges

MTA Database Fundamentals 2018

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Credly is the digital badging platform used by Certiport. It helps students move forward professionally by quickly establishing credibility for opportunities in higher education and the job market. Each badge contains verifiable data that tells employers and admission committees what you did, who says you did it, and why it matters. What does this mean for you? Watch the video to find out.

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