Communication Skills for Business

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Communication is the top skill employers are looking for

By far the skill most often mentioned in job ads was communication; the word appeared 51% of the time in the ads ZipRecruiter analyzed. Whether verbal, written, or both, the ability to communicate successfully appears key to appealing as a candidate. (Ziprecruiter, The Top Job Skills Employers Are Looking For)

The Top 5 Skills Eployers Are Looking For

  • Communication - 50%
  • College Degree - 21%
  • Time Management - 21%
  • Teamwork - 19%
  • Ind Motivation

The Cost of Poor Communications

Poor communication is very expensive for companies. One survey was done that showed that the cost of poor communications was about $62.4 billion annually for companies of over 100,000 employees. For companies of about 100 employees, the cost was still over $420,000 per year. (SHRM, The Cost of Poor Communications, February 2016)


Communication Skills Set You Apart from the Crowd

In the words of a recruiter from a large U.S. products and services company, “Everyone coming out of business school seems to have the technological familiarity we require. Soft skills—like communications and people skills—tend to make the difference.” (, Employers Seek Communication Skills in New Hires, January 2018)