We’ve seen many studies and quotes about how communication skills are consistently one of the top skills employers are looking for in new hires, but we want to hear from you. Would the Communication Skills for Business certification be valuable for you to see in prospective or new employees?

It’s one thing for us to say it’s important, but it’s more important if you say so. If you agree that these skills are important for students entering the workforce, prospective employees, and/or existing employees and would be willing to endorse this certification, please complete the Industry Support Form and submit it to Shawn Moon at shawn.moon@pearson.com.

We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for supporting the CSB exam!

Endorsements and Alignments



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Taking the time to improve your communication skills can boost your chances of making it past the application stage and wowing employers in job interviews. Whether that's by networking with colleagues past and present, undergoing training, or gaining a certificate. In fact, Certiport's new 'Communication Skills for Business' certification is a must have if you want to impress; it covers several core areas, including professional communication skills and effective forms of business communications. Making the investment and putting the work in now can pay off in the long run.
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