Autodesk Certified User

Certification leads to success

Certiport and Autodesk believe that everyone with a certification has a story to share that can motivate, inspire and encourage others to succeed. Learn more about the value of certification from students, educators, and professionals.

Weber State University in Ogden, Utah uses the Autodesk Certified User Revit certification to prepare for interior design, architectural design, and construction management careers. Watch how industry professionals seek Autodesk Certification on students’ resumes when hiring for jobs in these industries.

McCAnn Technical School, MA, covers three disciples, including mechanical engineering, architecture engineering, and animation. Learn about how Greg King utilizes Certiport's Autodesk Certified User certification to teach Autodesk, AutoCAD, and Revit. 

Hobart High School, IN. "I noticed that many students, especially the minority students, would question if they were good enough to pursue ‘engineering.’ But when we introduced it as learning a computer software called Autodesk [instead of engineering], it felt doable to them.” See how Hobart High School is breaking the barrier and inspiring students of all backgrounds to be engineers.