Using your Volume License

Thank you for purchasing a Microsoft Volume License. This page includes instructions for using your license. For information on gettting started with Certiport including becoming a CATC, downloading needed software, registering to deliver exams, and technical requirements please see our Getting Started page.

Volume License activation

Before you can use the certification volume license you purchased, it must be assigned to a CATC.

  1. Locate the email sent from Customer Service, which includes your purchase information and click on the link entitled Microsoft Certification Site Pack Management Portal.
  2. Log in with your Certiport username and password.
  3. Click on Select next to your order.
  4. Click the + sign to see all of the license assignments.
  5. Click Assign.
  6. Input the Certiport ID (CID) of the center you want to assign the license to. If you do not know the CID of the center where you would like to assign the license, please input the administrator’s name and contact information so they can be sent instructions on how to assign the license to their center.
  7. All of the Organization Administrators who are associated to the assigned testing center will receive email instructions outlining where to go to view the license.

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