Administering exams

Use the following page as an outline to prepare for administering your first exam as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC).

Preparing to deliver exams

Reminder: The person administering the exam must be associated with your center as a Proctor. For more information about associations and roles.

Registering as a user: All test candidates must register an account with Certiport. Each person will only ever need one login/username. If you are unsure whether you have previously registered, please contact us or one of our Certiport Authorized Partners.

Installation of the exam delivery system(s): Each computer used for testing should be set up and configured prior to exam delivery. To determine which delivery method you will be using.

Check for updates and test for readiness

Prior to a scheduled testing event you should check for available updates to the exam delivery method(s) and then test your computer for readiness:

Your CATC should also review the Top 10 checklist page for additional pre-exam tips.

Administering exams

The following is only an outline. All exams must be delivered adhering to the items detailed in the Certiport exam administration policies.

  1. The proctor will validate the candidate's identity by checking a government-issued picture identification card, and remove all prohibited items before administering any exam.
  2. Each test candidate will double-click the applicable desktop icon on the testing computer to begin the exam.
  3. Each test candidate will enter his/her username and log in. They will then choose the program, suite, and individual exam to be taken, and select whether or not a voucher will be used for the exam.
  4. Select whether or not you will be using an Exam Group. Using exam groups provides additional reporting functionality. For more information regarding exam groups,.
  5. On the last page, the proctor will need to verify that all the information is correct before entering his/her username to launch the exam.
  6. The proctor will observe the test candidate(s) throughout the duration of the exam using the appropriate observation methods.

If you have technical problems while delivering exams, contact us or one of our Certiport Authorized Partners.

View all of Certiport's exam policies.