New User Interface for Microsoft Certifications

At Certiport, our mission is to empower individuals worldwide to demonstrate their skills and expertise through our certification exams. We are excited to announce Microsoft has made significant updates to the exam user interface (UI) for the Microsoft Certified Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified Educator certification exams.

This update is scheduled to launch June 12th, 2024. To ensure an optimal testing experience, we recommend that candidates refrain from taking these exams on the release day.

Please note that the content/objective domains of these certifications will not be altered with these changes.

Key highlights of the new and improved UI:

  • Streamlined look and feel: A more cohesive and user-friendly design for a seamless testing experience.
  • Accessibility improvements: Improved exam flow, menu structures, zoom features, and more.
  • Clear progress indicators: Candidates can easily track their progress throughout the exam with the new progress indicators.
  • Modern color schemes: It offers customizable color schemes, including a Dark mode option, catering to individual preferences, and improving readability.
Preview of question in new UI:
Preview of the updated toolbar:

Preview of the expanded toolbar: 

These updates underscore Microsoft’s and Certiport’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement in the certification exam experience. For more information on Microsoft Certified Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified Educator, please visit the Certiport Microsoft certification webpage.