Meet the 2024 MOS Greek Champions

Our Certiport Authorized Partners from around the globe are conducting their Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Regional Championship events, and we’re so excited to share the results. On April 20, TÜV AUSTRIA Group in Greece, through its subsidiary company and specialized certification body ACTA, a spin-off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, held the 22nd Panhellenic final of the MOS World Championship at the TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas offices, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Religion Affairs, and Sports.

Mr. Ioannis Andronikidis, CEO of ACTA, said, "Through the TUV AUSTRIA Hellas Group, ACTA is proud to support the 2024 MOS World Championship here in Greece. We believe wholeheartedly in the promise of digital skills for young people, and we are very honored to collaborate with Microsoft Hellas, a leading company in the technology sector.”

One hundred Microsoft Office Specialist certified students (specializing in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint) from all over Greece, aged 13 to 22, gave their best to win the coveted ticket to the MOS World Championship. The three Greek champions were selected to represent Greece in California later this summer.

The Panhellenic Championship offers young people the opportunity to develop skills required in the modern era and a chance to show those skills on a national stage. The initiative is endorsed and supported by Microsoft Greece, furthering its mission to train the next generation of workers in digital literacy and in-demand workforce skills.

The 2024 Panhellenic Champions are:

  • Microsoft Word (2019): Christos Vekios from the A.T.C., TECHNO HELPU
  • Microsoft Excel (2019): Frangiska Kiminou from the A.T.C., TECHNO HELPU
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (2019): Kassiani Niki Kouretsis from the A.T.C., ExpertIN

The Silver and Bronze winners for 2024 are:

Microsoft Word (2019)

  • 2nd Place: Nikolaos Georgiopoulos
  • 3rd Place: Kyriaki Petssa

Microsoft Excel (2019)

  • 2nd Place: Aikaterini Kouvela
  • 3rd Place: Dimitrios Leonidis

Microsoft PowerPoint (2019)

  • 2nd Place: Eleni Karakasidou
  • 3rd Place: Dimitra-Maria Dougekou

The participants were accompanied by parents, friends, teachers, and representatives of the authorized testing centers of ACTA and Certiport.

"The Ministry of Education is proud to support the Panhellenic Microsoft Office Specialist Championship, which is now in its 22nd year. This event demonstrates the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors, which empowers all of us to provide quality training and educational opportunities to learners of all ages,” said Ms. Ioanna Lytrivi, Deputy Minister of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports. “I want to congratulate the parents and teachers who support their children and learners on their education journeys. Above all, I offer my congratulations to the participants, not only for their distinctions, but also for their effort to learn and grow."

The event was also attended by Ms. Elena Zaglaridou, Head of Training Programs for Microsoft in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and the Adriatic; and Mr. Ioannis Kallias, CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACTA.

We cannot wait to see how our MOS Greek Champions perform on the world stage! To learn more about the MOS Championship, visit our website here.

About ACTA: ACTA, a spin-off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in its 17+ years of successful operation, offers people a different path for a secure professional future. With sincerity in its approach and quality in its services, ACTA certifies the skills acquired by individuals in a wide range of subjects covering every requirement of the labor market. In this context, ACTA, entering into a strategic partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA, a certification organization with an international presence in 41 countries, is preparing itself, setting the example of corporate transformation.