Empower learners with certifications for their resumes

Sharpening skills and gaining industry-recognized credentials allows your learners to advance in their career and education. However, to be able to effectively advance, students and professionals need to build a resume that communicates their skills, knowledge, and certifications to potential employers. Read on for advice on helping learners build their best resume.

Why certifications on resumes matter

Building an effective resume is more than just downloading a template and filling it with personal details. A truly impressive resume requires specialization, and leveraging certifications is a great way to catch the eye of a future employer. According to a 2024 survey from Manpower Group, 75% of employers report difficulty in finding qualified candidates for their open job roles. Certification helps close the gap — and can move a resume to the top of the stack.

Some of the advantages of listing certification on a resume include:

  • Competitive differentiation. It can be tough for candidates to stand out in a sea of similar resumes. Certifications provide a competitive advantage, with a stamp of approval from major tech companies such as Autodesk or Intuit.
  • Skills validation. It’s one thing for a candidate to say they’re familiar with an application. It’s another to walk in with validated credentials from Microsoft or Adobe, which shows they know their stuff.
  • Align to job requirements. If applying for a job online, as nearly everyone does, machines will likely be reading a candidate’s resume before a human does. Listing a certification on their resume allows them to map their skills directly to job requirements and bypass that first review hurdle.

How learners can utilize certifications on their resumes

Leveraging certifications on a resume or online application is a no-brainer. And with digital badging, it’s easier than ever for candidates to share their industry-recognized accomplishments.

Certiport partners with Credly to issue digital badges for our portfolio of certification programs. Badges help learners move forward professionally by quickly establishing credibility for opportunities in higher education and the job market. Each badge contains verifiable data that tells employers and admission committees what the certification entails, the company that issues the certification, and why it matters.

Candidates and educators can get more information about how to accept and share badges for their certifications here.

How can I help students build a better resume?

Teaching students valuable skills like resume building, so they can advance into meaningful employment, is your goal. To help bridge the gap between classroom and career, Certiport has partnered with Career.io.

Career.io is dedicated to helping people elevate their ambitions and reach new career heights with the best AI and human-powered support for any part of their job search or career growth, including resume building and editing. Students and professionals get the best products and services because Career.io brings together career experts from around the world who bring diverse experience, insight, care and passion to encouraging and empowering other professionals.

We encourage you to reach out to your Certiport Territory Manager for more information about how to help students get started with Career.io. You can connect with your Certiport Territory Manager via email, or through the form here