Ready to dive into the world of Unity?

Are you an educator seeking to enhance your teaching toolkit with real-time 3D, game development, and virtual reality? Unity is offering a complimentary three-week professional development course titled "Teach Unity." Tailored for higher education instructors, this course will furnish you with the essential guidance required to design and implement a Unity course aligned with certification standards, all while accommodating your busy schedule.

The curriculum will encompass a thorough exploration of Unity fundamentals, alongside strategies for planning and delivering a successful Unity course. Attendees can enjoy flexible, self-paced learning materials, live sessions, and a dedicated community space for peer support and discussion.

What will be covered during Teach Unity?

Learn Unity fundamentals:

  • Explain what Unity is and describe use cases across industries such as game development, film and animation, AEC, and more
  • Navigate effectively within the Unity Hub, including managing Unity Editor versions, creating new projects, and using templates
  • Navigate effectively within the Unity Editor, including creating and managing scenes, creating, organizing, manipulating, and adding physical properties to GameObjects

Plan your Unity course:

  • Upload a Unity course into your desired LMS and edit it based on course structure and needs
  • Select Unity licenses, asset management, and hardware strategies for the classroom
  • Set up version control software for the classroom, or determine an alternative method of saving student work

Run your Unity course:

  • Plan best practices for teaching Unity, including co-learning and differentiation
  • Practice troubleshooting procedures and establish a clear, concise troubleshooting process for learners
  • Establish processes for classroom implementation, including assessing student work and project sharing

"Teach Unity" is designed to empower educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic world of Unity. Whether you're delving into game development, film and animation, architecture, engineering, or beyond, Unity is a versatile tool with countless applications. This course not only covers Unity fundamentals but also provides insights into planning and running a successful Unity course.

Interested in attending or learning more? View this event on Unity Learn.