Launching IT careers with Microsoft Certified Fundamentals: Patrick Wang

NPower, a U.S.-based non-profit, is dedicated to creating pathways for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities to pursue technology-related careers. Operating in nine states, they provide comprehensive IT training, job placement, and educational resources. This includes their Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) program that enrolls 200 candidates annually. By offering Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certifications, trainees build their AI, cloud computing, and machine learning skills and credentials.

NPower’s mission and programming embodies the power of certification and showcases how it can shape futures, strengthen careers, and create a spirit of lifelong learning. We recently sat down with one of their trainees, Patrick Wang, to discuss how achieving a Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification has helped him strengthen his skills in his career.

Patrick, tell us about yourself and your background in the IT field?

I am Patrick Wang. I am currently based in Los Angeles. I hold a degree in Computer Information Systems and have recently obtained the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and Azure Fundamentals certifications. My journey into certifications began with NPower, where I expanded my knowledge and skills in IT.

What motivated you to pursue certifications, and how did you come across the Microsoft 365 and Azure Fundamentals exams?

Before joining NPower, I was aware of IT certifications like those offered by CompTIA but hadn't pursued any. NPower introduced me to the planned syllabus, including Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) and Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) certifications. The instructors emphasized the importance of understanding these widely used services in the IT industry. Since I’m interested in IT support and a bit of network administration, learning about Azure Active Directory from the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certifications gave me an idea of what I could possibly be managing.

How have the certifications positively impacted your professional development?

Currently, most of my day-to-day work involves providing basic computer support and literacy to library patrons. I’ve applied just a small portion of the knowledge I gained from the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certifications.

Going forward, I plan on looking for positions where I can deal with network management or higher-level IT issues. The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certifications exposed me to the Microsoft-specific technology I might be expected to use or help an organization support. Additionally, NPower reinforced the idea that there’s still more to learn after finishing a degree or landing a job. My learning isn’t limited to these certifications. Technology is continuously changing, and I’m excited for other opportunities to broaden my IT skill set.

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