Discover the new Compass Cloud

Whether you are an educator teaching in high school, a professor in college, a human resources representative looking to upskill employees, or military personnel planning on entering civilian life, Certiport understands that industry-recognized certification is a key to unlocking the potential of learners and workers, alike.

To help provide flexible exam delivery options that meet the needs of these learners globally, Certiport has officially released the new Compass Cloud exam delivery model within the Certiport Compass technology platform. This new exam delivery model provides a fully cloud-based application with enhanced features that can easily and securely deliver all Certiport’s industry-recognized certifications.

About Compass Cloud

Compass Cloud was created to help eliminate the need to set up and maintain all the software required to perform local (native) delivery with Compass. It focuses on streamlining the exam administration process during in-person testing from start to finish where all exam administrators need to do is download the Compass Cloud app on testing workstations, schedule and confirm their exam session, and test.

“When we created Compass Cloud, our team crafted the new system with our customers at its core,” explained Justin Partridge, Sr. Product Manager of Certiport Systems. “We conducted multiple beta tests to ensure that every feature was designed to meet their needs and provide a seamless experience.”

The final features of Compass Cloud include:

  • Completely Browser-based: Compass Cloud doesn’t require the installation of local apps for Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Professional, and Autodesk Certified User exams.
  • Platform Compatibility: It doesn’t matter what operating system you’re using. Compass Cloud supports all major platforms, making it accessible on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. 
  • Localized Content: Compass Cloud now supports multiple languages. Find a full list here.
  • Enhanced Scheduling: You can schedule exam sessions from a computer or mobile device and have different exams be scheduled for various test candidates.
  • Flexible Exam Administration: Group proctoring can be managed from a single desktop or mobile device with the ability to unlock exams for a group of test candidates.
  • Simplified Candidate Experience: The user-interface has been improved for a more user-friendly experience.

Compass Cloud is ideal for institutions with large numbers of testing workstations, a highly consistent bandwidth, and do not own the software required for Live-in-the-Application (Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk) delivery.

Additional modes of exam delivery through Compass

Compass Cloud provides an additional option for institutions looking to deliver industry-recognized certification and is one of three exam delivery models within the Certiport Compass technology platform. Compass Cloud must be used in-person at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center with the Exam Administrator (Proctor) and the Test Candidate(s) in the same room. It will not work for exams proctored remotely.

The additional models of exam delivery are:

  • Compass Local: Certiport’s flagship exam delivery model that can deliver all Certiport’s certification programs and is available in all languages. It is ideal for in-person testing and for institutions that have low or intermittent bandwidth.
  • Exams from Home: This exam delivery model was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and allows remote testing through a secure browser. It is only recommended if in-person testing is not possible.

For more information on Compass and the new Compass Cloud, visit the webpage here.