Technology Updates

As the global leader in performance-based certification exams, we are committed to consistently refining our exam delivery technology to improve our customers’ testing experience. Our Systems and Technology teams are releasing the following changes to our Compass platform today. These changes will not require any action by the end user.

  • Associate a Proctor from System Check Page: Users will now be presented with a link to associate a proctor if there are none.
  • Compass Release Note Announcement: A new megaphone icon will appear in the header of Compass that will link to Release Notes.
  • Toggle Accessibility Update: We have improved the accessibility options of the Yes/No Toggles for Exam Groups and Payment Options
  • Championship Accessibility Update: We have improved the accessibility for the World Championship eligibility prompt.
  • General Accessibility Improvement: We have made it clearer to Screen Readers that an Exam Group or Voucher is required if either toggle has been updated to ‘Yes’.
  • LAN Settings on System Check Page: Compass LAN Settings are now included on the System Check Page.

We encourage you to stay informed on recent and upcoming changes to Compass, to ensure that you and your learners have the best testing experience. View system and technology updates here.