Become a CERTIFIED Ambassador

Do you run a successful certification program? Are you an innovative teacher who loves to go above and beyond the call of duty? Is your school forging new paths or setting new standards in excellence that you just can't wait to tell others about? Then it’s time for you to become a CERTIFIED Ambassador.


CERTIFIED is your educator community! Together we are dedicated to exploring the pure potential and promise of certification in the classroom. You can listen, learn, and collaborate with a community of educators who share your passion for using certification to improve education and change lives.

As a CERTIFIED Ambassador, you would be involved in all aspects of our CERTIFIED community: social media, podcasts, CERTIFIED Academy webinars, and our annual CERTIFIED Educator Conference. We’re looking for top educators from across the country to represent the CERTIFIED program, provide valuable feedback to the Certiport team on what we can do better, and bring more educators into our community.

Should I Apply to Become a CERTIFIED Ambassador?

Any and all U.S. educators are welcome to apply! (Don’t worry international teachers! We hope to expand the program in the future!) We want to make sure we represent the diverse group of educators we work with daily. Think about what makes you unique as an educator.

  • Are you taking a unique approach in my classroom, going the extra mile for my learners?
  • Do you work with a unique student or professional demographic (underserved communities, professionals, diverse ethnic groups, etc.)?
  • Do you have certification program expertise?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with other educators and sharing helpful content through social media?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then we want to hear from you!

What Will CERTIFIED Ambassadors Do?

Below are a few of the planned responsibilities for our second group of ten CERTIFIED Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors should plan to team up with Certiport for two years.

Serve as a Certiport Expert

We’ll have three groups of Ambassadors, one for each Certiport Track. Our Ambassadors will be trained to serve as experts in the programs in their designated track. The three tracks and their associated certification programs are as follows:

Engage through Social Media, Webinars, and the CERTIFIED Podcast

As an educator, we know you’re connected to other teachers and professionals who could benefit from your certification expertise. As an Ambassador, we’ll help you create and share content to various Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and to your own professional profiles. You’ll even have the opportunity to share your expertise in CERTIFIED Academy webinars and on the CERTIFIED Podcast!

Serve as CERTIFIED Educator Conference Staff

Every year at our CERTIFIED Educator Conference, administrators, teachers, and industry experts come together to learn, train, and collaborate. As an Ambassador, you’ll have opportunities to share your program and teaching expertise in breakout sessions, ask-the-experts tables, and networking groups.

Ambassadors may also have the opportunity to share their expertise at additional Certiport attended tradeshows.

What Will CERTIFIED Ambassadors Receive?

We know that as an educator, you’re strapped for time. Taking on responsibilities as an Ambassador should be fun and beneficial to you and your students. All selected Ambassadors will receive the following:

  • Attend the CERTIFIED Educator Conference for free, including domestic airfare and travel costs
  • Get a CERTIFIED swag bag
  • Earn badges to attach to your professional profiles, along with recognition on Certiport’s social media profiles and Certiport website

How Do I Submit My Application?

We wanted to make it easy to submit your CERTIFIED Ambassador application. Visit our CERTIFIED submission page, and you’ll be asked to provide your basic personal information (name, contact information, etc.), along with your professional affiliations, links to your social profiles, a bio, and short proposal for why you should be our top pick for the CERTIFIED Ambassador program. 

Once our team reviews all submitted proposals, we will select our finalists and reach out for a required video submission. We are hoping to have all our Ambassadors selected by the end of September 2023. We just can’t wait to see what you’re ready to bring to the table.

Ready to submit your proposal? Get started here.