Announcing the 2023 Microsoft Office Specialist US National Champions

Congratulations to all our 2023 Microsoft Office Specialist US National Champions! Our winners topped 185 finalists at the live competitive event in Orlando, Florida, and the first-place winners will head to the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in Orlando, Florida, USA in August. This year marks 21 years since the competition began in 2002.

From across the US, more than 217,000 students ages 13 to 22 entered one of six competition tracks by submitting a qualified, passing score on the following certification exams: Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel®, and Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint®. First-place winners receive an $3,000 USD cash prize, second place $2,000 USD, and third place $1,000 USD.

Finalists were given a printed copy of a document, spreadsheet, or presentation to recreate along with printed instructions and digital assets. They were then scored according to the accuracy of the recreation compared to the original. The champions in each program, along with a chaperone, have won a trip to participate in the 2023 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in Orlando, Florida, USA July 31 – August 2, 2023, where they will compete against over a hundred other finalists from countries across the globe.

The Microsoft Office Specialist US National Champions are as follows:

Microsoft Word (Office 2019)

  • First: Joy Skaggs, Arkansas
  • Second: Andrew Chuang Saladin, Florida
  • Third: Brady Schultz, Utah
  • Fourth: Jack Wickham, Kentucky
  • Fifth: Alejandro Silva Lopez, California
  • Sixth: Sienna Rodriguez, Florida
  • Seventh: Bonnie Downey, Wisconsin and Vincent Ly, Georgia
  • Ninth: Phoenix Mitchell, Texas
  • Tenth: Kit Brooks, Nebraska

Microsoft Excel (Office 2019)

  • First: Mason Braithwaite, Utah
  • Second: Benjamin Rands, Idaho
  • Third: Kairi Kramer, Ohio
  • Fourth: Lillian Dorshorst, Nebraska and Eugene Vincent, Illinois
  • Sixth: Jacob Mapa, Virginia
  • Seventh: Joyner Medrano Evangelista, Georgia
  • Eighth: Maximino Salgado, Kentucky
  • Ninth: Kathryn Sullivan, Louisiana
  • Tenth: Minh Phuong Dang, California and Claire Pierson, Kansas

Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2019)

  • First: Alexandra Occhiuto, New York
  • Second: Cayden Aures, Wisconsin
  • Third: John Reed, Ohio
  • Fourth: Braylon Collver, Georgia
  • Fifth: Patrick Newton, North Carolina
  • Sixth: Junhao Lin, California and Ellie Tredway, Washington
  • Eighth: Brian Velazquez, Florida
  • Ninth: Jonathan Moore, North Carolina
  • Tenth: Josh Richmond, Idaho

Microsoft Word (Office 2016)

  • First: Nicholas Keller, Virginia
  • Second: Jackson Sinclair, Iowa
  • Third: Jonas Lee, Washington
  • Fourth: Sophie Oliveira, Massachusetts
  • Fifth: Kyla Harbodin, Virginia
  • Sixth: Greg Selg, South Carolina
  • Seventh: Leanna Mohr, Florida
  • Eighth: Hailey Tsang, Washington
  • Ninth: Camden Christie, Pennsylvania
  • Tenth: Ben Skorik, Massachusetts

Microsoft Excel (Office 2016)

  • First: Javier Hamilton, Virginia
  • Second: Helen Chen, Florida
  • Third: Keira Ammon, New Jersey
  • Fourth: Aiden Medeiros, Massachusetts
  • Fifth: Conner Beard, Florida; Cameron Gordon, Arkansas, and Chase Moore, Michigan
  • Eighth: Joseph Henry Esteban, Washington
  • Ninth: Vivyan McReynolds, North Carolina
  • Tenth: Akeely Stern, Virginia

Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2016)

  • First: Celia Cole, West Virginia
  • Second: Hunter Liss, Nebraska
  • Third: Samuel Latham, Tennessee
  • Fourth: Juan Hernandez, Texas
  • Fifth: Laurel Zubler, Pennsylvania
  • Sixth: Samuel Ma, California
  • Seventh: Valeria Pearson, Virginia
  • Eighth: Damian Frey, Washington
  • Ninth: Haleigh Oxner, Florida
  • Tenth: Seth Meulemans, Wisconsin

“We are exceptionally proud of these students from across the US that will be joining us at the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship later this year,” said Craig Bushman, General Manager, Certiport. “These students have demonstrated that through hard work, persistence, and dedication they’ve gained enough skills to confidently compete in a high-pressure environment. Their Microsoft Office Specialist certifications and participation in this competitive event will be the first step to a successful career.”

“The Microsoft Office Specialist National and World Championships have been giving students the incredible opportunity to test their technical skills and knowledge for 21 years,” said Rick Herrmann, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector Education at Microsoft. “Every student in this competition is a winner because they’ve earned a globally recognized credential that will help propel them to brighter careers and educational opportunities. We look forward to seeing how these students leverage their Microsoft Office productivity skills in the future.”

You can learn more about the Microsoft Office Specialist US National Championship here.