Introducing the 2023 Microsoft Office Specialist World Champions

Certiport is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship. The annual competition challenges students from ages 13 through 22 to prove their skills in Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. Now in its 21st year, this year’s competition – the only one endorsed by Microsoft since its inception in 2002 – attracted more than 1.3 million entries from around the world.

To enter, students took a qualifying Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office technology. Regional competitions were held worldwide, and 133 finalists qualified to compete in the final round of competition held in Orlando, Florida from July 31 – August 2, 2023.

The 2023 MOS World Champions are:

Microsoft Word (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019)

  • First place: Chan Wai Wong, Macau, China
  • Second place: Cheng-Yan Wu, Taiwan
  • Third place: Thuy Linh Hoang, Vietnam
  • Fourth place: King Hei Ho, Hong Kong, China
  • Fifth place: Jose Baltazar Delgado Amaya, El Salvador
  • Sixth place: Lucy Reid, United Kingdom
  • Seventh place: Joy Skaggs, USA
  • Eighth place: Javier Ely Quezada Acevedo, Mexico
  • Ninth place: Sofia Charalampia Galanopoulou, Greece
  • Tenth place: Georges Moussa, Lebanon

Microsoft PowerPoint® (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019)

  • First place: Lucie Dorňáková, Czech Republic
  • Second place: Ana Guo, Macau, China
  • Third place: Ching-Chi Tsao, Taiwan
  • Fourth place: Tuan Dung Nguyen, Vietnam
  • Fifth place: Fung Wa Chan, Hong Kong, China
  • Sixth place: Nikolay Georgiev, Bulgaria
  • Seventh place: Kelly Ramos, Peru
  • Eighth place: Esteban Martin Castro Ayala, Ecuador
  • Ninth place: Sofia Araceli Hernández Vargas, Mexico
  • Tenth place: Felipe Rodrigues Milicio, Brazil

Microsoft Excel® (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019)

  • First place: Yuxiang Lin, Macau, China
  • Second place: Jamie Kildea, Ireland
  • Third place: Songglod Petchamras, Thailand
  • Fourth place: Michael Minzak, Canada
  • Fifth place: Gabriel Stanciu, Romania
  • Sixth place: Marco Jose Collado Baez, Dominican Republic
  • Seventh place: Carmina Solares Serrano, Guatemala
  • Eighth place: Jose Antonio Condori, Peru
  • Ninth place: Vedansh Bhargavkumar Patel, New Zealand
  • Tenth place: Braydon Tanti, Australia  

Microsoft Word (Office 2016)

  • First place: Bing-Hong Chen, Taiwan
  • Second place: Chi Kuan Tan, Macau, China
  • Third place: Thi Minh Anh Dang, Vietnam
  • Fourth place: Anja Cvetkovska, North Macedonia
  • Fifth place: Jose Tadeo Mijangos Zetina, Mexico
  • Sixth place: Konstantin Kirilov, Bulgaria
  • Seventh place: Nicholas Keller, USA
  • Eighth place: Yechan Park, South Korea
  • Ninth place: Abirami Sripalan, Canada
  • Tenth place: Eymi Canal, Peru

Microsoft PowerPoint® (Office 2016)

  • First place: Man-Him Law, Hong Kong, China
  • Second place: Noppanat Chalouy, Thailand
  • Third place: Celia Cole, USA
  • Fourth place: Ana Laura Garcia Nunez, Mexico
  • Fifth place: Cheok Wai Ung, Macau, China
  • Sixth place: Thanh Viet Do, Vietnam
  • Seventh place: Amelia Maldonado Carrillo, Ecuador
  • Eighth place: Aleksandar Morarov, Bulgaria
  • Ninth place: Bolurinwa Oluwaseyi Fabuyi, Nigeria
  • Tenth place: Junhwi Park, South Korea

Microsoft Excel® (Office 2016)

  • First place: Sora Takaya, Japan
  • Second place: Thi Thanh Truc Nguyen, Vietnam
  • Third place: O-Man Wong, Hong Kong, China
  • Fourth place: Adrian Andia Zegarra, Peru
  • Fifth place: Simona Dimova, Bulgaria
  • Sixth place: Jana Abdallah, Lebanon
  • Seventh place: Eduardo Sanchez Ramirez, Dominican Republic
  • Eighth place: Javier Hamilton, USA
  • Ninth place: Daniel Jonathan Uzugbo, Nigeria
  • Tenth place: Yuan Tung, Taiwan

In the concluding round, competitors participated in a 100-minute exam that tested their knowledge, application skills, and creative talents. For the second consecutive year, finalists were required to complete a free-form project. This year’s challenge asked competitors to create an informational document for a non-profit client.

At the final event in Florida, Certiport and Microsoft recognized the top student competitors in the MOS World Championship Awards Ceremony and presented each First-place winner with an $8,000 cash prize. The Second-place and Third-place honorees received $4,000 and $2,000, respectively.

“This year marks 21 years since the Microsoft Office Specialist competition began in 2002. We are exceptionally proud of what we have managed to achieve, through our partners around the world, in providing young people with a platform such as this to learn, compete, and gain valuable skills that will help them in their future careers,” said Craig Bushman, General Manager, Certiport.

Microsoft Office Specialist is the only official Microsoft-recognized certification for Microsoft Office globally and serves as a powerful instrument for assessing learners’ skills and preparing them for real-world application of their knowledge.

“For over two decades, the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship has recognized the top students using Microsoft Office from across the globe. These students are passionate and dedicated learners who have the skills and competitive drive to succeed. At Microsoft, we know this experience will prepare students to demonstrate their valued digital skills in a real-world work environment,” said Christian Wylde, Principal Group Manager, Microsoft Worldwide Learning.

Next year, Certiport will host the 2024 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in Anaheim, California, from July 28 through 31.

Learn more about the MOS World Championship here.