Compass Cloud Open Beta Test

Did you know Certiport delivers millions of industry-recognized certifications annually in over 145 countries? One of the major elements to this success is our exam delivery system, Compass.

With multiple modes of delivery available, Certiport is committed to the continuous improvement and development of Compass. This includes ensuring that we continue to successfully deliver exams, meet the needs of our customers, provide a user-centric experience, and foster innovation.

These improvements cannot happen without the valuable feedback of our Certiport Authorized Testing Centers, customers, and partners.

Based on this, starting in August, we will be moving to an open beta test for Compass Cloud. Compass Cloud is the new, forthcoming delivery model within the Certiport Compass platform. The open beta test will enable all of our CATCs the ability to access Compass Cloud and provide feedback on the system before its official release.

The primary goal of this open beta test is to gather user feedback and fine-tune the system. It allows our Technology Team to evaluate the system’s performance in a real-world setting, as well as ensure that it meets the needs of our CATCs, test administrators, and test candidates. Please note: This is not the official release of Compass Cloud but the final stage of testing the system.

What is Compass Cloud?

Compass Cloud is a new delivery model within the Certiport Compass technology platform. It is a completely online, browser-based solution so it doesn’t require the installation of local apps for Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Professional, and Autodesk Certified User exams.

It also includes new and enhanced features such as group-proctoring capabilities, improved scheduling features, and a simplified candidate experience. Compass Cloud is intended for in-person delivery only (where the proctor and test candidates are in the same room).

How will the Compass Cloud open beta test work?

The open beta period will be for a limited time, and we encourage you to participate as early as possible to maximize your impact on the final system.

  • All CATCs will have access to beta test Compass Cloud: It will be available under “Exam Delivery” tab in the Certiport Organization Administrator or Organization Member account.
  • Exam administration & candidate instructions: CATCs are able to download Compass Cloud on candidate machines and administer exams using the instructions here.
  • Beta test survey: At the end of the session, they will receive a link to our Compass Cloud beta test survey to provide feedback. View the survey here.
  • Updates to Compass Cloud: Throughout the open beta test, our Technology Team will release updates to the system, including new features and functionality. We will inform you of these updates in our CATC Newsletter, and for our partners, they will be available in the CAP Newsletter.
  • End of the open beta test: The open beta test is tentatively scheduled to end on December 31, 2023. However, this timeline may change based on the feedback we receive from this beta test.
  • Please note: The new Microsoft Office Specialist - Microsoft 365 Apps certifications will not be included in this beta test. Additionally, we are working on enabling the Autodesk Certified User exams and will provide an update once they are available.

For more information on accessing Compass Cloud and administering exams through this open beta test, visit

What languages is Compass Cloud currently available in?

Compass Cloud is now available in English, Spanish, and Korean for the beta test. We will update you as new localizations are released and are planning on providing exams in 13 languages.

What if my CATC was a part of original Compass Cloud beta test?

Starting in May, we conducted a closed beta test for Compass Cloud and limited the testing to a select group of CATCs and partners. Through this closed beta test, the Technology Team was able to gather valuable insights and make necessary adjustments before we launched the open beta test. If your CATC participated in this closed beta test, they will be automatically added to this open beta test and can continue utilizing their existing access and instructions.


For questions, please reach out to your preferred support partner or Territory Manager. For more information on Compass Cloud, please visit