An Inside Look at CERTIFIED 2022 Workshops

If you’ve never attended CERTIFIED, you may be wondering what it’s like and what you’ll learn. CERTIFIED is the only education conference dedicated exclusively to exploring the full promise of certification in the classroom—by providing administrators, teachers, and industry experts with an engaging, energized forum for professional development, sharing their ideas, and experiences. It’s an opportunity to listen, learn, and collaborate with a community of educators who share your passion for using certification to improve education and change lives.

See what workshops sessions will be available at this year’s event.

Train the Trainer: IT Specialist-Artificial Intelligence

Every day we use and interact with devices that use artificial intelligence, but to most of us the concepts of AI and machine learning are cryptic. As a result of impacts and societal changes, there is a growing movement to teach children, kindergarten through high school, about AI and encourage students to pursue careers in AI. In this session, Computer Science teacher Nora Burkhauser will present an overview of the big ideas of artificial intelligence and how AI lessons can be incorporated into your classroom. Example activities and projects will be presented along with a variety of resources and available curriculum.

Coding in Minecraft – An Engaging Computer Science Credential Program with Supporting Curriculum

Are you looking for an engaging and immersive curriculum to teach your students to code? Have you always wanted to utilize game-based learning but didn’t feel you had enough gaming experience? With ‘Coding in Minecraft’ by Prodigy Learning, you don’t have to be a gaming or coding expert! In this session you will learn how ‘Coding in Minecraft’ creates a student-led, highly engaging learning experience where the teacher becomes the facilitator, and the students lead their own learning to learn how to code in JavaScript or Python. You will get hands-on with our immersive curriculum and see for yourself how the ‘Coding in Minecraft’ curriculum and credential pathway has all the resources you need to teach your students how to code.

Teaching Digital Literacy—Helping Students Succeed in a Technology-driven World

Finding, evaluating, and communicating information effectively in today’s sophisticated technology landscape has become an indispensable skill. In this session, Lenice DeLuca, an instructor at Immokalee Technical College, will explore the important role technology plays in students’ lives—and outline the skills they need to succeed in our technology-driven society. This includes providing useful tips for using IC3 Digital Literacy software to teach students about the importance of netiquette and help them gain the technology skills they need to succeed. Don’t miss this chance to gain the foundational knowledge you need to run a successful digital literacy class using the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification.

Train the Trainer: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Are you a computer science teacher who sees more and more companies moving to the cloud, but you aren’t familiar with cloud computing and don’t feel ready to teach it in your classes? Come join this session to learn the basics around Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and leave ready to help your students’ skill up in this increasingly important area of IT.

Give Your Students “L”: LearnKey, Leniency, and Love

In this hands-on workshop, high school teacher Angela McFarland will explore tools, concepts, and skills you can use to prepare for a successful, productive first day of school—and create meaningful activities for your students throughout the school year. Angela will discuss her efforts to develop an exciting new program for her district that combines the Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) certification, the LearnKey platform, and other innovative tools and projects. You’ll walk away from this session with a clear understanding of the three “L’s” Angela has developed and how you can use them in your district or school: 1. LearnKey, working together with the ESB course; 2. Leniency, with activities that combine CertPREP, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, and other resources; 3. Love, with additional projects that help students master the Microsoft Office Suite.

Caution: Communication and Entrepreneurship Sparks are Flying

Welcome to the electric classroom where no two days are the same and where sparks of energy for the content is quite contagious. Participants in this presentation will get to experience various Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB), and Communication Skills for Business (CSB) activities as they become “students” in Mrs. Stubblefield’s classroom. Additionally, tips for increasing pass rates will be shared and all participants will leave with several activities that are ready to be used in the classroom. “Can-do” sparks will be flying so come prepared to get burned by the electric world of ESB and CSB certifications.”

Train the Trainer: Intuit Design for Delight (D4D)

In this session, attendees will be introduced to Intuit’s design thinking methodology, Design for Delight (D4D) and how D4D can be used in the classroom to teach students how to innovate solutions to complex human-centered problems. Attendees will be introduced to D4D through an interactive, hands-on, experiential format and examples of how it has been applied in various classroom contexts will be offered.

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