Getting to Know the IT Specialist Certification

The technology industry is experiencing rapid growth. Skills in cloud computing, big data, and information security are in demand, and companies are willing to pay a substantial premium to candidates who can show their credentials. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250 in May 2020; more than double the median annual wage for all occupations of $41,950.

Students looking to succeed in the IT field need to be able to show their mastery of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology. Certiport’s Information Technology Specialist certification is a great way to help students pursue a career in IT with confidence.

What is the IT Specialist certification?

The Information Technology Specialist program is a way for students to validate entry level IT skills sought after by employers. The IT Specialist program is aimed at candidates who are considering or just beginning a path to a career in information technology.

What topics are covered in the IT Specialist certification exams?

Students can certify their knowledge in a broad range of IT topics. Currently there are IT Specialist certifications that cover the following topics:

  • Databases
  • Software Development
  • Networking
  • Network Security
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML and CSS
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • Device Configuration and Management
  • Artificial Intelligence (Coming Soon)
  • Computational Thinking (Coming Soon)
  • Cloud Computing (Coming Soon)

What are the benefits of earning an IT Specialist certification?

Earning an IT Specialist certification provides an industry recognized credential for young IT professionals. Endorsed by CertNexus and Pearson, these certifications and the associated digital badges shows future employers that candidates have knowledge and skills required for entry-level IT positions.

What are the prerequisites to certifying?

There are no explicit prerequisites to be able to take an IT Specialist exam. However, the Software Development exam requires candidates to have some experience with C# and ANSI SQL. All other exams start from a foundational level, and all required knowledge can be gained through mastery of the certifications’ objective domains.

Is there courseware available for IT Specialist certification?

Our partners at LearnKey have developed material to prepare students for the IT Specialist certification exam. LearnKey video courseware enhances the learning experience and increases certification exam success. It provides self-paced on-demand video learning material for Certiport's IT Specialist program. These expert learning solutions are easy to use, interactive and help prepare students for certification success. With LearnKey curriculum, you can access video-based e-learning courseware, interactive labs, and prescriptive study guides.

Are there practice tests available for IT Specialist certification?

Yes, Certiport has partnered with CertPREP, previously known as GMetrix, for the IT Specialist practice tests.

Teachers love CertPREP for the reporting and insight features, allowing you to see where students are struggling. Students love CertPREP because it comes with two modes: Training mode and testing mode. Training mode allows students to work at their own pace and receive feedback and step-by-step instructions along the way. Testing mode simulates the timed testing environment, so students are not thrown when the time comes for the actual certification. Definitely a win-win.

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