I Landed My Internship with Adobe Certification

We’ve met with so many students whose lives have improved greatly with certification, and Afifah Nur Ariani is no different. Afifah, a senior at Telkom University in Indonesia, was able to leverage her Adobe certifications into a post-graduate internship.

Certiport: Afifah, thank you for agreeing to chat with us. The MyEduSolve team in Indonesia was so excited about your story.

Afifah: Of course! It’s my pleasure.

Certiport: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Afifah: I’m a senior at Telkom University, pursuing my degree in telecommunications engineering. I’m also pursuing my Adobe Certified Professional Visual Design certifications at MyEduSolve’s Independent Study Kampus Merdeka program. I’m also super excited about my upcoming internship, where I’ll be working as a Product Designer intern.

Certiport: Congratulations! How are you feeling about going for an internship outside of your major?

Afifah: I am delighted! I’m so thrilled because the competition was super crazy. There were almost 13,000 applicants for the internship. I still can’t believe I got the spot! I almost thought that I wouldn't make it because I only started diving into the UI/UX design field in April this year. I’ve never been in any kind of boot camp or training either. It’s such a blessing and wonderful opportunity.

Certiport: Is this a mandatory internship as part of your degree program?

Afifah: It’s optional, but I’ve been looking for an internship for a while. I knew I wanted to work in UI/UX design, so an internship was a great way to get my foot in the door.

Certiport: Absolutely. Internships are a great way to get connected to future job opportunities. Right now, you mentioned you’re working toward your engineering degree. What sparked your interest in the creative industry?

Afifah: I have always been interested in design and I’ve felt that I have a good eye for visual design. I wanted to take my interest and expand it into a useable skill, so I was very proactive about improving my skills. I looked up lots of tutorials and resources online. I enjoy creating mock-ups in Photoshop, and redesigning some of my favorite UI/UX design inspirations in Figma. I post a lot of my work to my Dribble account, Afifah Nur Ariani.

Certiport: That’s amazing that you learned so much on your own. We’ve heard that you’re also working through the independent study program with MyEduSolve. What have you learned so far?

Afifah: Learning with MyEduSolve has been incredible! I’ve honestly learned a lot of things in the Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design pathway. My class mentor, Adi Nugroho, has taught us about design principles, as well as tips and tricks for using the software. I’ve tried and explored so many tools in Photoshop that weren’t familiar to me before. I feel so much more prepared for exam day, and to use these tools in my future career. I’m excited for our trainings in Illustrator and InDesign, since I didn’t learn much about those during my days in school.

Certiport: How amazing that you’ve branched out of your typical major classes and been able to learn so much about a field you enjoy. What gives you courage to take a step forward in a field that is totally different from your educational background?

Afifah: As soon as I knew that I love design, I just decided to try pursuing what I wanted even though my educational background wasn’t directly connected. I know I can still learn and improve my skill even further.

Certiport: It never hurts to learn something new. What advice do you have for students who may relate with your story?

Afifah: Don’t be afraid to try something you love. The opportunity will always be there, so don’t be discouraged even if you don’t have the background that is relevant to your dream career. I also never thought that I would make it to my internship, which seemed very impossible for me, but I decided to try it out and here I am. Push yourself and see how far your skills will take you.

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