Certiport Testing Checklist

Many Certiport Authorized Testing Centers are preparing to offer certifications as part of the end of year testing season. To make your life easier, our team has created a quick check list to make sure you and your students have a smooth testing experience, whether you’re testing virtually or in the classroom.

Before Testing Day

  • Make sure your site license is active. Log into Certiport.com, hover over “My Certiport” and select licenses. If you see a green radial button next to the license, your license is active. If it is not green, look in the top part of the screen and accept the license agreement.
  • Confirm your students have Certiport accounts and know their username and password. If they do not have accounts, they can use the instructions here to create accounts.
  • If you have a student who needs accommodations, they can submit this application, to be completed with reasonable time for review and accommodations implementation.

In-Person Classroom Testing

Only Certiport offers Compass, a secure, stable, and effective exam deployment solution with a simple, user-friendly interface. Compass makes it easy to administer and proctor exams in the classroom.

  • Make sure Compass, the software used to deliver certifications, is installed on your computers. If you are unfamiliar with how to install Compass, please refer to the Compass User Guide, starting on page five.
  • Ensure the Technical Requirements for Compass have been met.
  • Verify that exams have been installed into Compass. Again, the Compass User Guide, starting on page 25, will walk you through the steps.

Virtual Classroom Testing

Certiport has developed a virtual assessment solution, Exams from Home, that allows candidates to take a certification exam in a remote environment. If your school is using Exams from Home, reserve your machines early as spots fill up quickly.

Following this checklist with ensure a successful testing day for you and your students. If you have additional questions, call Certiport Customer Service at 888-222-7890.