Meet Jasperactive MOS Online

Many schools face schedules packed with hybrid or at-home learning barriers. These barriers make finding courseware and practice materials for your students challenging. We want to highlight some of the features and benefits of using Jasperactive MOS Online to show the value for students without access to Microsoft Office software at home.

Jasperactive MOS Online is a new platform that works as a great course option for teachers, even in a remote learning environment. You can see the full platform walk through on CCI Learning's YouTube channel, or check out the major highlights below.

What is Jasperactive MOS Online?

Specifically formulated for certification readiness, Jasperactive MOS Online is web-based learning for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications with tailored exercises for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Expert, and Excel Expert exams. Jasperactive MOS Online can be used by ANYONE, ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE.

Does Jasperactive MOS Online cover all the MOS certification exams?

Jasperactive MOS Online is available for MOS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Expert, and Excel Expert exams.

My students are using Chromebooks or may not have the software at home. Will Jasperactive MOS Online work for them?

Absolutely! Jasperactive is conducive to all types of learning environments and schedules; it even works for students exclusively using Chromebooks or Macs. Resources and exercises are easily accessible through the web, allowing students to continue and advance in their studies from wherever they are, on whatever device they already use.

What Jasperactive MOS Online features can my students use at home?

Because Jasperactive MOS Online is accessible from the web, all features will work for students learning and practicing at home. The Jasperactive team has built a specific learning pathway to help students continue preparing for certification success at home:

  • Benchmark: The Benchmark determines skill levels and builds a course aligned to the MOS exam objectives.
  • Lessons: The Jasperactive MOS Online platform has two lesson types: In-app and Interactive. In-app is performed live in the application, using live functionality in web apps. Interactive is performed using exercises in a click to run video because the web app does not offer the command.
  • Create Project: After completing the lessons, students will be asked to complete a project. Each project is an exercise to combine skills and creativity. Standalone documents are uploaded and scanned to check for appropriate functionality use.
  • Summary Assessment: When students arrive at the end of the course, they will complete a summary assessment. A post-assessment validates the learning pathway and measures Microsoft Office Specialist certification readiness.

Does Jasperactive MOS Online work with Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader is fully functional with Jasperactive MOS Online as it promotes an inclusive learning environment. 

How long is each course?

Each Jasperactive MOS Online course is typically 10-15 hours, streamlined to focus on certification readiness.

What features will help me as an educator during distance learning?

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. With Jasperactive, teachers can choose how much they want to be involved in the learning process. The Jasperactive team has automated and streamlined the user experience to make your job easier. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Downloadable teacher resources that include a Syllabus, Exam Mapping Document and Using the MOS Online Teacher Resources, and more
  • Automatic grading
  • Class groupings, allowing students to link to you and creating class groups to easily assign specific courses which result in reporting that can align with gradebook groups
  • Group and individual adjustments in time and grade weighting
  • Detailed reporting for groups and individuals

Interested in learning more about Jasperactive? Connect with your Certiport representative here.