GMetrix Practice Tests Are Now CertPREP Practice Tests

We’re excited to announce that GMetrix Practice Tests are now CertPREP Practice Tests, powered by GMetrix. These are the same great practice tests you have come to know and rely on; only the name has changed. CertPREP Practice Tests provide a realistic testing experience and high-level of rigor to help students prepare for the actual certification exam. They align to official exam objectives, delivering a very accurate practice experience.

Get all the details about the new CertPREP program here:

What is changing?

The current name of “GMetrix Practice Tests” is changing. Practice tests on the GMetrix platform will now be called CertPREP Practice Tests, instead of GMetrix Practice Tests.

Are the CertPREP Practice Tests the same as the GMetrix Practice Tests that have been in use for several years?

Yes, they are the same practice tests, only the name is changing.

Why is the name changing?

The name ‘GMetrix’ is used for both practice tests and for a broader learning platform of products, such as curriculum. This name change is intended to reduce potential confusion.

When will the change appear within the GMetrix platform?

The CertPREP Practice Tests brand will be gradually rolled out within the GMetrix platform. Students may see some changes on their panels right away. For example, the CertPREP logo on certain practice test tiles, and the CertPREP logo within the actual practice tests. Teachers and Administrators may not notice changes for a while.

Do students or teachers need to do anything differently?

No, teachers and students will continue to log in on the GMetrix platform as they have always done.

Will teachers continue to contact GMetrix if they have a technical support need?

Yes, GMetrix will continue to support CertPREP Practice Tests just as they have for GMetrix Practice Tests.

Will teachers still work with their Certiport Territory Manager or representative to obtain CertPREP Practice Tests?

Yes, a Certiport Territory Manager or representative will still be the primary point of contact.

If a school or institution still have GMetrix Practice Tests licenses or vouchers, are they still valid?

Yes. Current GMetrix Practice Tests licenses and vouchers in inventory are still valid and should be used. When a license renewal or additional vouchers are needed, contact a Certiport Territory Manager or representative.

Have additional questions about CertPREP? You can find more information here. Or connect with your Certiport representative here.