What Learning Products Are Available for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals?

Because Microsoft Certified Fundamentals is one of Microsoft’s newest certification program, it can be difficult to tell where to start. Finding the right curriculum to help prepare your students and establish firm lesson plans is a great starting point.

We’re here to simplify your lesson preparation. Below is the list of learning products available to help you effectively teach Microsoft Fundamentals certification.


LearnKey is a video-based training course that utilizes the GMetrix platform, meaning you and your students can use the same sign-on for both the learning and the practice tests. To make things easy for you, LearnKey has a self-paced learning mode and an instructor-led mode. There are lesson files, workbooks, glossaries for key terms, and self-assessments. Students can test their own understanding, enabling them to prepare before taking the actual certification.

LearnKey’s materials span the following Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam:

  • Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

LearnKey has scheduled the release of additional Microsoft Certified Fundamentals curriculum. You can see their anticipated release dates here. Interested in trying out LearnKey and preparing to earn your own Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification, and a free voucher to get certified? We have a special offer for you here

Microsoft Online Learning

As part of the development for these new certification exams, Microsoft has created learning materials to help students and future professionals get certified. These courses are available free of charge for the online version, and for $99 USD for instructor-led sessions. Keep in mind that the online courses are primarily text based, so students need to be prepared for reading style learning (no videos or supplemental materials are included for most lessons, except for a knowledge check at the end of each unit). Materials are available in other languages as well, such as English Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, German, and Spanish.

Microsoft has developed learning materials for the following Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exams.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Certified Fundamentals learning materials? Contact Certiport’s sales team here.