Meet LearnKey’s Intuit Design for Delight Innovator Curriculum

In May 2021, Intuit launched the new Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification. This certification is Intuit’s version of design thinking, a method of creative problem solving that focuses on the need to create better products and experiences. Intuit Design for Delight Innovator covers three principles which are: deep customer empathy, go broad to go narrow, and rapid experiments with customers. Earning this certification gives candidates a competitive advantage as they receive hands-on experience in creative problem-solving and innovation.

To help students and candidates prepare for their Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification, LearnKey has released their new curriculum. This covers the Intuit Design for Delight Innovator concepts, how to develop deep customer empathy, how to brainstorm and narrow, plus how to perform rapid experiments to solve problems.

The course includes a PDF student workbook with additional projects, activities, glossary key terms and definitions to help reinforce learning. The curriculum also includes a teacher workbook (PDF) with answer keys, lesson plans and short cut keys. Educators can plan to cover all material in roughly six hours. Added bonus? If you’re teaching with LearnKey’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) or Intuit curriculum, you also have access to the Intuit Design for Delight Innovator curriculum.

Interested in checking out the curriculum? You can preview the course here. You can also contact the Certiport sales team for additional information here.