Meet the New Unity Certifications: UCU VR Developer and UCU Artist Exam

We're excited to announce two new Unity Certified User (UCU) certifications: VR Developer and Artist. Available to all individuals who have taken and passed the UCU Programmer exam, the UCU VR Developer exam will validate the candidate’s ability to create VR experiences and programs within Unity. The UCU Artist exam has no prerequisites and tests the basics of 2D and 3D digital artistry within Unity to create interactivity in games, apps, AR/VR, and other experiences. Both exams, including the previously released Programmer exam, are available to anyone interested in getting started in interactive content creation for industries such as game development, entertainment, automotive, AEC, and XR.

Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D development platform. The UCU certification is built for high schools, community colleges, vocational schools, and non-profit organizations offering game design, computer science, coding, digital media, and AR/VR courses. The entry-level credential allows individuals to get started on a path to interactive content creation.

Virtual reality skills are on the rise. Virtual and augmented reality skills are being increasingly demanded in today’s marketplace. Virtual reality jobs are expected to grow nearly 35% over the next ten years, according to Burning Glass. By adding the UCU VR Developer certification, it will help schools validate students’ skills in this growing industry.

Changes in technology are also driving changes in traditional artist and creation roles. “The design industry is rapidly changing, with more and more designers being pushed to master digital skills. According to Burning Glass, video game designers, those who would traditionally earn a credential like the UCU Artist certification, have a median annual salary roughly $30,000 higher than designers in a traditional graphic design role,” said Ray Murray, General Manager of Certiport. “We know that adding the UCU Artist certification will help schools validate students’ skills in this growing industry.”

The UCU VR Developer and UCU Artist certification exams and GMetrix practice tests are available in English. The certification program is available as a site license for K12 and higher education, with an option to purchase individual vouchers based on the size of the courses.

View the UCU exam objectives at and learn more about the certification at