New GMetrix Solutions Are Here

GMetrix is excited to announce new solutions that will help you and your students through distance learning, including those students studying on Chromebooks. Please note that browser-based features are only available for Microsoft Office exams at this point. Students will need to download GMetrix directly to their computers in order to access materials for other exams.

Direct Download

Students who have access to Windows computers with Microsoft Office applications can download the GMetrix software at With GMetrix installed on their computers, students can take practice tests in the actual Microsoft Office applications. This is the best method to prepare for the certification exams and it is available now. 

(Note: Students can download GMetrix directly on Mac as well. The Mac version supports all exams excluding Microsoft Office or Autodesk exams.)

Study Guides

Study Guides are accessible on the home page of the student panel after students have redeemed an access code. Study Guides provide objective-oriented information that students may access from any browser. Students can use these guides as a basic introduction to the concepts covered in the objectives or to review difficult topics.

The Study Guides include many screenshots to help familiarize students with the interface and with the location of different tools. Additionally, they provide step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish various tasks relevant to the objectives, including additional information which can be used to enhance understanding and proficiency. Study Guides are available now to all students.

Concept Reviews

Concept Reviews are used as practice tests that students can take on any browser to test their understanding of the concepts and objectives of the certification exams. They use multiple-choice, true/false, drag and match, hotspot, and drop-down list question types. They help students to visualize working in the target application and evaluate various tasks with emphasis on the location and function of tools. Concepts Reviews are available now to all students.


Simulations replicate the Microsoft Office environment and require practical knowledge and skills to complete. They are designed to simulate an authentic software application experience. While they are limited in scope and more prescriptive in how students need to accomplish given tasks, these exercises serve as powerful way for students to practice and hone their practical knowledge and skills. We strongly encourage students without access to Windows computers and/or Microsoft Office applications to use simulations as the main method of preparation.

Simulations are now available for MOS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2019/O365 practice tests. These simulations should be accessible to anyone with a MOS license. GMetrix has added these simulations to all student accounts where their teachers have given them access to all of the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2019 practice tests. If students don't see them in their account, teachers should visit their GMetrix administrator account, search for the code that the student used, click "Edit", and select the box next to the simulation practice test. Please contact GMetrix at if your students are still unable to access these simulations. 

Remote Testing

Remote Testing allows students to take practice tests virtually in the Microsoft Office application when they do not have the application downloaded onto their computers. Due to the nature of remote access, this option requires a stronger than normal Internet connection and may experience lag during a high-traffic time. This feature is available now and may be added directly to your license by contacting GMetrix support. Please note this solution is limited to 10 usages per user, and only if the user hasn’t previously used the SMS software in the last 30 days.   

To ensure a positive experience for every student who uses Remote Testing, we ask that:

  • Students who have Windows computers with Microsoft Office already installed, download GMetrix directly and test offline, and
  • Students prepare via Study Guides, Concept Reviews, and Simulations and only use Remote Testing when they feel adequately prepared for the certification exam.

Certiport and GMetrix are committed to continuously improving the customer experience and we are confident that these new solutions will provide greater ease for you and your students. For more information, please contact GMetrix at