Certiport Supports EU Code Week

Coding is a core skill for tomorrow’s workers. According to Burning Glass, in the last twelve months, there have been almost 670,000 job postings requiring web development and coding skills in the United States. In Europe, more than 90% of professional occupations require digital competencies, including programing.

As the exclusive provider of coding certifications from Microsoft and Apple, we’re always excited to see initiatives that help make these skills available to students around the world. That’s why we’re so thrilled to support EU Code Week 2020. Get all the details about this year’s all digital event!

What Is EU Code Week?

EU Code Week (October 10-25, 2020) celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through coding and other tech activities. Now in its eighth year, EU Code Week started as a grass-roots initiative that celebrates creativity, problem solving, and collaboration through coding and other tech activities for people of all ages.

With a special focus on school participation, teachers of all levels and subjects are invited to join the movement by organizing activities with their students within the framework of EU Code Week. Teachers are encouraged to give their students a first look into the world of coding and inspire students to further involvement by incorporating hand-on activities and lessons in their classrooms, whether on- or off-line.

Why Is EU Code Week Awesome?

EU Code Week offers all students the possibility to make their first steps as digital creators, by providing schools and teachers free professional development opportunities, teaching resources, international challenges and opportunities to exchange. In 2019, 4.2 million people in more than 80 countries around the world took part in EU Code Week. The average participant was 11 years old and 49% of participants in 2019 were women or girls. What an amazing opportunity to open the world of coding to those who may not have that access through more traditional means.

How Do I Participate?

The Code Week 2020 virtual kick-off took place on October 8th at 5 PM Berlin/Brussels/Paris time. The event was streamed on Facebook Live, Instagram TV and YouTube Live.

In the virtual kick-off, we heard from some amazing speakers: Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market; Mariya Gabriеl, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth; Mitch Resnick, Creator of Scratch and Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab; Linda Liukas, author and illustrator of Hello Ruby; and Dipty Chander, President of E-MMA French non-profit organisation that promotes gender diversity in tech.

The remainder of the events will be celebrated from October 10-25, 2020! Due to the current health situation, even more Code Week activities will be taking place online this year. You can join any number of fun and engaging activities remotely at home or in school. To make it easier to take part in activities remotely, the EU Code Week team has launched calendar of featured online activities. Every day of Code Week, you will be able to browse the calendar and take part in the activities that interest you most. The topics of these featured events vary from workshops on robotics, e-learning courses, webinars to coding tutorials and much more. So, take your pick!

How Is Certiport Involved?

Various partners throughout Europe are supporting the EU Code Week event. Check out these activities sponsored by our partners. 
  1. Norway: Azure Campaign

Ready to get involved in EU Code Week? Check out all the details here.