My MOS and ACA Skills Helped Me Land My Job in College

We have lots of stories about certification helping students in their long-term career path. But you don’t need to wait until you’re graduated to realize the benefits of certification. Karrah Parke is a great example of that. While in her undergraduate accounting program, Karrah leveraged her certifications to land a job as a Marketing Executive for the Accounting Society of Kwantlen.

Find out why Karrah’s certifications are crucial to her job success.

I am a big advocate for certifications. I have certifications in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, plus Microsoft PowerPoint. I absolutely believe that my certifications were crucial to landing my job while still in school. My job application stood out to executive team and certifications were part of the reason I was promoted to Marketing Executive.

In my current role, I’ve been able to use my Adobe certifications to create graphics and to use my PowerPoint skills as I present at different online events within my school’s community as the Accounting Society’s representative!

This position has stretched me in other ways too. I get to manage our website, track and report web analytics, promote content on social media, along with creating the graphics. I’ve also been able to establish and maintain relationships with university faculty, brainstorm ideas for workshops and events, and find volunteer opportunities for the students in the program. We recently raised $1500 for Doctors Without Borders to provide hunger and COVID-19 relief in Yemen. It’s been so rewarding!

I was so shy when I first got introduced to certification. But I really feel like I’ve broken out of my shell, and landing this new job was such a big step for me. Great things come from situations that may make me uncomfortable. Getting outside my comfort zone pushes me to learn, grow, and be better. At its core, I think that is what certification is all about – pushing people to be better.

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