Certiport Teacher Appreciation Week: Linda Robinson

It’s Teacher Appreciation week in the United States. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without amazing teachers on our team. We are so grateful for all they do, preparing students around the world with relevant skills to brighten their futures.

Over the next week, we’ll be highlighting some amazing teachers that were nominated by their colleagues. First on our list is Linda Robinson, from Winter Haven High School in Florida. Her nominator said, “Linda is the walking example of a loving, yet very assertive teacher, who shows her students what is really possible if they put their minds to it. I love how Linda is always learning, pouring so much into herself so she can be cutting edge!”

Check out our exclusive interview with Linda:

Certiport: Linda, we’re not surprised you were nominated. You’re doing such amazing things!
Linda: Thank you so much! It’s such a pleasure to be recognized.

Certiport: Tell us what grades and classes you teach.
Linda: I teach at the high school level, ninth through twelfth grades. I teach Digital Information Technology, Digital Design, and a Career Planning dual-enrollment course.

Certiport: You obviously have such diverse skills. What made you decide to choose teaching as a career?
Linda: I had a teacher in sixth grade, Mrs. Sutherland who made a difference in what I thought I could do. I wanted to give students the opportunity to see how much they can do with encouragement, recognition, and drive.

Certiport: Isn’t that amazing? That someone from when you were a child shaped so much of who you are today. What do you love about being a teacher?
Linda: I love seeing students use what I have taught them to get a job or be successful in their courses-both in high school and afterwards.

Certiport: Helping them be successful must be the best part! Do you think certification plays a role in that success?
Linda: Absolutely! Employers see industry certifications as documentation that a student knows how to use software and will be able to contribute to the company with their skills.

Certiport: We completely agree. I’m sure teaching those skills can be a challenge, but also very rewarding. What is your favorite teaching memory from this last year?
Linda: I teach a dual enrollment course, Career Planning, in which I require the students to do a mock interview. Our local grocery store chain, Publix, is great about doing the mock interviews and even though it is supposed to be a practice interview, both semesters I had multiple students in each class who were offered jobs at Publix.

These students had been trying to get a job there for a long time and it was rewarding to know that because they took my class, they were able to learn the interview skills necessary for getting that job. Some of them want to stay with Publix through college and work for them after college graduation. This is a big step for them. They were so excited when they got the calls for the interviews and texted me when they were told they were hired. One was hired after we left school for quarantine, but she still texted me to let me know she was hired.

Certiport: Amazing! What a great boost for you as a teacher as well!
Linda: For sure! I feel so appreciated when students let me know that what they learned in my courses was beneficial to them in college or their careers.

Certiport: Linda, you’re such a star and a great resource for other teachers out there. What advice would you give other CTE teachers, to help them accomplish some of what you do in your classroom?
Linda: It’s crucial to find business partners who can support your programs. Bring them in to speak to your students. Let your students get firsthand information from employers on what is expected from them as employees. Your students may not always listen to you, but when you bring in an employer, they take notice.

Keep coming back this week for more amazing teacher highlights. You can also learn more from teachers just like Linda at this year’s (online) CERTIFIED Educator Conference. Get all the details here.