Improvements to English ACU Exams: Chromebook Support on EFH

We recently made a significant improvement to our English Autodesk Certified User exams. We added a task bar that allows candidates to switch back and forth between the Autodesk software and the exam in Compass. This update applies to both on-premise deliveries and scheduled appointments through Exams from Home.

Exams from Home ACU Exams

See the screenshot that illustrates the taskbar on the right-hand side of the screen. Candidates can select the Autodesk software icon or the exam icon to switch the active view.

With this change we now have support for candidates that are taking Autodesk Certified User exams in English through Exams from Home.

We have seen great success from this new feature in our Exams from Home deliveries, and for most of our on-premise deliveries. However, we are getting some reports about persistent problems with the task bar after the exam crashes, and even occasionally after the exam is completed successfully. For on-premise deliveries, we recommend that you attempt an exam at least the day before your testing session. If you see problems with the task bar, reach out to your territory manager who can help you to get an Exams from Home session booked.

To learn more about the update, see the FAQs for Support for CATCs here