Certiport Learning Products on Chromebooks

With most schools going the distance learning route this fall, it’s more important now than ever that students have access to learning materials and practice exams that can help them prepare for the certifications at home.

We know many of your schools work with Chromebooks, so we wanted to break down which learning products and practice exam partners will work best on Chromebooks.

GMetrix Practice Tests

GMetrix Practice Tests are available for all our ACA, MOS, MTA, MTC, MCE, Apple, Autodesk, Communication Skills for Business, EC-Council, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, IC3 Digital Literacy, Unity and QuickBooks certifications. All certifications except MOS, ACA, and ACU are currently compatible with Chromebooks. However, MOS, ACA, and ACU practice tests require the GMetrix SMS, which must be downloaded, making it currently incompatible with Chromebooks. We are excited that later this fall browser-based GMetrix practice tests for Microsoft Office Specialist, Autodesk Certified User, and Adobe Certified Associate certifications will be available later this fall.


LearnKey aligns with our ACA, CSB, ESB, IC3, MOS, MTA, MTC, and QuickBooks certifications. LearnKey is also functional on a Chromebook. 

Simulation labs, usable on Chromebooks, are available for MOS 365/2019, ACA CC 2018/2019/2020 courses, ACU CAD, Revit, and Inventor courses and QBCU courses. Autodesk projects, however, require the software, and are therefore, not accessible from a Chromebook. The same applies for QuickBooks and IC3 Digital Literacy’s Key Application projects. MTA, MTC, CSB, and ESB learning materials within LearnKey all have labs that do not require software installation and are therefore functional on Chromebooks.

LearnKey's Student Project Workbooks (PDF) will include activities like fill-in-the-blanks and projects along with files that will require the software to be installed. If students are working on a Chromebook, teachers should use the projects and file templates as instructional demonstrations for remote learning solutions. The lesson plans in the Teacher Workbook (PDF) outline where the Student Project Workbooks correlate to the videos and objectives.


Jasperactive prepares students for MOS or IC3 GS5 certifications. The MOS course requires access to the Microsoft Office suite (2016, 2019, or O365) and should be used on a PC. The IC3 Digital Literacy course is completely browser-based and can be used on any device including Chromebooks and mobile devices.

Brain Buffet

Brain Buffet is aligned to our ACA and MOS certifications. Courses are available via Chromebooks. However, only the video and quizzes are available. Project resources and enrichment exercises require installation of the software.

Moore Solutions

Moore Solutions (MSI) is aligned to the ACA, ESB, IC3 Digital Literacy, and MOS. Moore Solutions is fully functional on a Chromebook.


Pearson has online learning materials aligned to ACA certifications, MOS certifications, and MTA certifications. MTA courses are available on all devices. The Adobe course videos and quizzes are available on Chromebooks, but project resources and enrichment exercises require software installation. The MOS e-course is not supported on a Chromebook.


TeachMe3D is a program built exclusively for some of the ACU certifications. Courses are available via Chromebooks. However, only the videos and workbooks are available. Projects and activities require installation of the software.

CAD Learning

CAD Learning is aligned exclusively with ACU certifications. Courses are available via Chromebooks. However, only the videos and workbooks are available. Projects and activities require installation of the software.


Unity learning programs are built exclusively for the Unity Certified User certifications. Courses are available via Chromebooks. However, projects and some activities require software.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is aligned with some of our MTA programming certifications. Code Avengers functions on Chromebooks because all the learning materials, videos, and activities are browser based.


EC-Council’s ebooks and ilabs prepare candidates for the EC-Council certifications. The program works on any Chromebook.


Teknimedia is built to prepare students for the IC3 certifications. Teknimedia functions on Chromebooks.

Measure-Up Practice Tests

Measure-Up Practice Tests align with our Microsoft certifications: MOS, MTA, and MTC. The MOS live-in-the-app (LITA) practice tests are not available on a Chromebook. MTA and MTC practice tests can be delivered on a Chromebook.

Interested in discussing your Chromebooks-based learning products options with your Certiport Territory Manager? Connect with them here.