Certiport Supports ALL DIGITAL Week

The pan-European ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, schools, community centres and non-profits across Europe, bringing 100,000 Europeans every year in exciting online and offline events tackling digital transformation and its effects. The three main topics for the 2019 campaign are:

  • Promote media literacy by developing critical thinking and digital literacy
  • Build safety and trust in technology by developing cybersecurity skills
  • Enhance employability by developing the right skills for the new digital jobs.[1]

We are supporting ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 because basic digital skills are a must, not an option in a world where we use digital technologies for work, public services, health, education and leisure. Understanding how to function in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet is more critical now than ever before.

ALL DIGITAL Week helps learners enhance their employability and digital skills for digital jobs using digital tools. Digital skills are not just needed in the ICT sector, but all employment sectors need people with digital skills. After 2020, around 90 percent of jobs will require basic digital skills and knowledge, and 500,000 vacant posts for IT professionals in the field of information and communication technology.[2]

Whether you plan to pursue a career in IT, or simply become more effective with technology, IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is the place to start. The IC3 Digital Literacy offering includes solutions that range from assessment to certification. And, as a truly global standard, IC3 is as comprehensive as it is diverse. With learning and practice solutions, assessment tools, and certifications specifically designed for a variety of ages and occupations, the IC3 Digital Literacy program is simply the best way to ensure that students and employees are prepared to succeed in a technology-based world.

Provide yourself with the skills you need now and credentials for your future.

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[1] alldigitalweek.eu

[2] ec.europa.eu/commission/commissioners/2014-2019/gabriel/announcements/keynote-speech-commissioner-mariya-gabriel-2nd-regional-digital-summit-towards-competitive-and_en