Certiport Announces 2019 MOS U.S. National Champions

Last week we held the 2019 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) U.S. National Championship in Orlando, Florida.  The winners topped over 365,000 total entrants and 146 finalists.  The first-place champions will head to New York, New York for the MOS World Championship from July 28-31, 2019.

The MOS U.S. National Champions are as follows:

MOS Word 2016

First place, Olivia Martin, Kentucky
Second place, Robert Nguyen, California
Third place, Brandon Rasmussen, Idaho
Fourth place, Paige Knobelsdorf, Oklahoma
Fifth place, Alyssa Kim Oacan, District of Colombia
Sixth place, Jesse Wu, New York
Seventh place, Jack Kastin, North Carolina
Eighth place, Carson Mulvey, Florida
Ninth place, Anish Mhatre, Pennsylvania
Tenth Place, Vincent Crino, New York

MOS Excel 2016

First place, Bruce Beuzard IV, District of Columbia
Second place, Dalton Goodson, Alabama
Third place, Dane Thompson, Kansas
Fourth place, Zach Nottingham, West Virginia
Fifth place, Greg Supratman, Arkansas
Sixth place, Elena Suriani, Rhode Island
Seventh place, Camilla Weight, Utah
Eighth place, Benjamin Fica, Utah
Ninth place, Quynh Huong Vo, Washington
Tenth Place, Miguel Lugo, Florida

MOS PowerPoint 2016

First place, Seth Maddox, Alabama
Second place, Karleigh Claussen, Virginia
Third place, Forrest Liu, North Carolina
Fourth place, Cooper Johnson, South Carolina
Fifth place, Trystan Crowley, Arkansas
Sixth place, Kevin Dimaculangan, Florida
Seventh place, Neal Dickerson, Georgia
Eighth place, Jacqueline Yeo, Delaware
Ninth place, Sandra Salavarria, North Carolina
Tenth Place, James Lee, Virginia

MOS Word 2013

First place, Jacob Riffel, Ohio
Second place, Karolina Kotlarz, Pennsylvania
Third place, Natalie Anderson, Washington
Fourth place, Joseph Litz, Virginia
Fifth place, Trisha Teeples, Utah
Sixth place, Alex Liu, North Carolina
Seventh place, Jack Stephens, Washington
Eighth place, Ashwin Prasad, North Carolina
Ninth place, Mindy Hoang, Utah
Tenth Place, Savannah Hedgepath, West Virginia

MOS Excel 2013

First place, Fariz Firdausi, Louisiana
Second place, Raaga Vangala, Washington
Third place, Krzysztof Grochal, New Jersey
Fourth place, Chidrupi Golla, North Carolina
Fifth place, Bailee Shipps, Nebraska
Sixth place, James Woolsey, Georgia
Seventh place, Aiden Williams, Wisconsin
Eighth place, Hayden Hickerson, Tennessee
Ninth place, Lisa Adams, West Virginia
Tenth Place, Joseph Smith, Minnesota

MOS PowerPoint 2013

First place, Ashlyn Dumaw, North Carolina
Second place, Bailey Griffin, Washington
Third place (tie), Cassius T. Peterson, Washington and Kylie DeNiro, Utah
Fifth place, Kasey Arnerich, Utah
Sixth place, Connor Nichols, Nebraska
Seventh place, Kendall Meyer, Nebraska
Eighth place, Dhruv Kaushal, North Carolina
Ninth place, Nathaniel Pillatsch, Virginia
Tenth Place, Robert Tullis, Indiana