MOS Master Highlight: JoBeth Johnson

Summer is often a time for teachers to relax and recharge. It can also be a time for you to earn additional credentials, such as your MOS Master certification, and prepare yourself for a successful new year. Stories like JoBeth Johnson’s are a great way to spark your MOS Master motivation!

JoBeth currently teaches business classes at Swainsboro High School in Swainsboro, Georgia. At only 24, JoBeth is just finishing up her second year of teaching, having finished her Master of Arts Teaching degree in May. Not only did she finish her degree, she also taught Business and Technology and Principles of Accounting.

JoBeth has a long history with the Microsoft Office Specialist program and was excited to get immersed with her students. “I was motivated to complete the MOS certifications because that is the completion test we use in each of our business pathway classes. I passed a certification test in high school but didn’t remember much about it. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Excel and I wanted to know what my students were experiencing and what skills I needed to be teaching in the classroom. That’s where my journey with MOS certification began.”

However, she didn’t just stop with Excel. “I took the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint exams for the 2013 software, but our school soon updated to 2016. I retook the exams in the 2016 version and learned about the Master level credential. I made that a goal of mine and every semester when my kids would practice on GMetrix and test in Certiport, I would make it a goal to take a test as well. It has benefited me because not only can I use Microsoft Office programs efficiently, but I can also share that with my students and my co-workers. I want my students to know that it’s possible to be proficient in many programs and I want them to see it as a goal they can set for themselves. I truly enjoy what I do, what I teach, and sharing that knowledge with others. I can’t wait to tell my students that they too can be Masters with enough work, practice, and dedication.”

Congratulations, JoBeth! Your work and dedication are sure to pay off. Welcome to the MOS Master family!