Now What: First Steps for Setting Up Your CATC

You’ve purchased Certiport certifications. Congratulations! We’re excited to help you and your students earn industry-recognized credentials. Now it’s time to set up your Certiport Authorized Testing Center, or CATC. Although setting up a CATC may sound daunting, we want to make your experience as simple as possible. Check out the step-by-step checklist below on how to get started.

1. Register Your School as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center

Before you go any further, create a Certiport username and password at Make sure your username and password are both relatively short and easy to remember. You’ll use these credentials each time you proctor an exam, manage your exam inventory, run reports, or sit for your own exams. Make sure you register to become a “Proctor” so you can administer exams for students and other staff.

After you set up your individual account, make sure to register your institution. Navigate to the Test Candidate account (select the “Test Candidate” role under the “Welcome [your name!]” option. Scroll to the lower right hand side, and click “Register a Testing Center.” Your institution only needs to be registered once, so don’t worry about this step if another teacher at your school has already completed it.

2. Prepare Your Lab for Testing

Preparing for testing is the tricky bit, so make sure to have your IT staff available to assist. Start early, so you can have everything installed well before testing day.

Certiport’s portfolio of exams is delivered on Console 8. Installation of Console 8 requires full local admin rights to the computers, hence needing IT staff to help with software downloads, installation and configuration. With the IT staff on hand, make sure you’re also logged into the Certiport Management Portal as an Organization Administrator. Hover over the “Training and Tools” tab, and click on “Console 8 Install”. From there, you can save the Console 8 install on your computer, and follow the prompts to complete the download of Console 8 on each machine. However, if you’re interested in a mass deployment (allowing the install to take place simultaneously on multiple computers), you can see more detail here.

3. Locate Your Exam Inventory

Once Console 8 is installed on all machines, make sure you have enough exam inventory for your next testing session. Exams are available in the form of site licenses or vouchers. If Console 8 is installed correctly, you should be able to log into your account and see how many exams are available.

Log in as an Organization Administrator, hover over the “My Certiport” menu tab, and click “Exam Inventory”. The exam inventory will automatically decrease with each exam administered. Always check this section prior to testing to make sure you have enough available exams.

If you’re working with a site license, select the “Licenses” option in the “My Certiport” menu to activate your license before administering any exams.

4. Register Students to Take Their Exam

You’ve registered as a Proctor, so make sure your students register as a Test Candidate. Have each student visit, and click the “Login/Register” button on the top right hand side. Students will need to input the following information at registration:

  • Name (with correct capitalization and spelling)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email

Optional fields include the Student ID, and the “Contact Me” section. We advise students to check the “Allow Certiport to contact me via email” box, so that students can be notified of their qualification in the MOS or ACA National Championship programs.

Once the Test Candidate registration is complete, the student can select “Take an exam or prepare for an exam.” Students will be asked to register for a specific program, such as Microsoft. Once registered, students will also use this login to check their certification transcript, enter their scores into the competitions, etc.

Now, you are all set up as a CATC.  Get ready to change lives with certification!

Still have questions about getting set-up? Click here for additional support.