Certiport Names 2019 MOS World Champions

In its 18th year the competition attracted more than 850,000 candidates from 119 countries, a 12% increase in participation from 2018.  Students entered to prove their superior skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, culminating the most popular technology skills competition on Microsoft Office and the only one endorsed by Microsoft since its inception in 2002.

To enter the competition, students age 13 to 22 took a qualifying Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products.  Regional competitions were held worldwide and 162 student finalists from 57 countries competed in the final round of competition in New York City, New York, USA from July 28-31, 2019.

The 2019 Microsoft Office Specialist World Champions are:

Microsoft Word® 2013

  • First place, Li-Ting Wang, Taiwan
  • Second place, Pak Ming Yip, Hong Kong
  • Third place, Hoi Chon Tam, Macau
  • Fourth place, Anh Nguyen Luu Hoang, Vietnam
  • Fifth place, Le Ann Ng, Malaysia
  • Sixth place, Petar Plamenov Petrov, Bulgaria
  • Seventh place, Nikolaos Ioannis Skiadias, Greece
  • Eighth place, Shawn Laah, Nigeria
  • Ninth place, Jacob Riffel, USA
  • Tenth place, Amelia Robertson, United Kingdom

Microsoft Word® 2016

  • First place, Adrian Boier, Romania
  • Second place, Pou Leng Ho, Macau
  • Third place, Aryan Trehan, India
  • Fourth place, Jihwan Jang, South Korea
  • Fifth place, Viktoria Zhelyazkova Kabaivanova, Bulgaria
  • Sixth place, Kgotso Theletsane, South Africa
  • Seventh place, Ka Kiu Chan, Hong Kong
  • Eighth place, Yu-Hsuan Chang, Taiwan
  • Ninth place, Amila Mujkić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tenth place, Olivia Martin, USA

Microsoft PowerPoint® 2013

  • First place, Kyriakos Chatziefthymiadis, Greece
  • Second place, Ana Marija Atanasovska, Republic of North Macedonia
  • Third place, Ashlyn Dumaw, USA
  • Fourth place, Sathit Bunkoed, Thailand
  • Fifth place, Mohanshu Vaidya, New Zealand
  • Sixth place, Yiyun Zheng , China
  • Seventh place, Andrea Isabel Gutierrez Quintanilla, Peru
  • Eighth place, Ariana Amani Kamardin, Malaysia
  • Ninth place, Yingyu Liu, Macau
  • Tenth place, Elio José Díaz Pérez, Dominican Republic

Microsoft PowerPoint® 2016

  • First place, Seth Maddox, USA
  • Second place, Ondrej Cach, Czech Republic
  • Third place, Adrian Muntean, Romania
  • Fourth place, Sead Smailagić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Fifth place, Li Xuan Guo, Taiwan
  • Sixth place, Daniel Alonso Zapata Trelles, Peru
  • Seventh place, Noah Stelting, Canada
  • Eighth place, Wing Lam Chan, Hong Kong
  • Ninth place, Kuan Lon Chan, Macau
  • Tenth place, Yun Yeong Kim, South Korea

Microsoft Excel® 2013

  • First place, Chi Kin Che, Macau
  • Second place, Fariz Firdausi, USA
  • Third place, Anh Tran Hoang, Vietnam
  • Fourth place, Khant Zaw Hein, Myanmar
  • Fifth place, Yu-Jung Shih, Taiwan
  • Sixth place, Jacob Hernández Mejía, Mexico
  • Seventh place, Reira Ino , Japan
  • Eighth place, Ed Allison, New Zealand
  • Ninth place, Christos Kioftetzis, Greece
  • Tenth place, Christian Jay Nolasco, Philippines

Microsoft Excel® 2016

  • First place, Mihaela Florea, Romania
  • Second place, Kitithat Khemsom , Thailand
  • Third place, Tarik Džambić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Fourth place, Wai Cheong Fong, Macau
  • Fifth place, Jinsu An, South Korea
  • Sixth place, Adam Drummond, United Kingdom
  • Seventh place, Oskar Rodziewicz, Poland
  • Eighth place, Timothy Ng, Singapore
  • Ninth place, Edeliza Luz Ira Opeda, Philippines
  • Tenth place, Robin Van Den Berg, Netherlands

In the concluding round, competitors participated in unique project-based tests to demonstrate their ability to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for the information presented in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Certiport and Microsoft recognized the top student competitors at the MOSWC Student Awards Ceremony at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York City, NY and presented each first-place winner with a $7,000 cash prize.

With 2.3 million certifications delivered annually, MOS is the world’s largest IT certification program. MOS is the only official Microsoft-recognized certification for Microsoft Office globally and serves as a powerful instrument for assessing student skills and preparing students for real-world application.

Next year, Certiport will host the 2020 MOS World Championship at Disney’s Grand Californian in Anaheim, California from August 2-5, 2020. The event hashtag is #MOSWC, and you can also see high resolution pictures of the event here.