Leveraging ACA Certification in Korea

Korea put on an amazing show of artistry for the 2018 Winter Olympics. But the true art and design of Korea extends far beyond the Closing Ceremonies. Bae Do-Min, former ACA World Championship competitor and current graphic designer, is one of many amazing talents that is helping spread great design across Korea. Find out just how her interest in and love for design began.

Certiport: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

Do-Min: No problem! I’m happy to share my experiences.

Certiport: One of the first things we want to discuss is your process and effort to earn your ACA certification. How did you prepare?

Do-Min: When I was preparing to get my ACA certification, I reviewed the basic parts of Photoshop and also delved into the more intensive parts of the program. This helped me to be able to create a more highly complicated piece.

I also utilized educational videos that were posted on Facebook. There are lots of resources to study and help improve your design. I think that true curiosity is a very important quality for designers to have. It helps to create a more trendy and efficient design process.

Certiport: Tell us a little bit about your experience in design so far.

Do-Min: Right now I’m working as a graphic designer at Love Young-Ran, which is a beauty advertising agency.

Certiport: What does a typical day look like for you?

Do-Min: Each week I attend a regular meeting every Monday to find out what brands I’ll be designing for, what products are going to be introduced into the market, things like that. I also help to make an advertising plan after I have studied the new product. As far as the actual design is concerned, I mostly use Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects to create my work. So much goes into the process of design, so it’s always amazing to see my work in online media, or inside stores.

It’s a lot of dedication and time, so I’m trying to stay creative outside of work too. I take a floral arrangement class and a pottery class to cool my head once a month.

Certiport: Do you feel like your experience competing in the ACA World Championship helped prepare you to work as a professional graphic designer?

Do-Min: Absolutely! The ACA World Championship to give me such memorable experiences. While you’re in school, there are so many challenges and experiences that are more important that just exam scores. It was amazing to travel abroad and learn from other students. This event helped me learn from others, while still refining my own skills.

Certiport: After the ACA World Championship, you went home and were able to find a job in graphic design. How did earning your ACA certification differentiate you from other candidates?

Do-Min: To have a successful design career in Korea, there is not much you can do to prepare except for a portfolio. However my ACA certification helped to differentiate me from others. I got the job offer at Love Young-Ran, and I think I was able to prove my skills because I was ACA certified.

Certiport: What advice would you give to other students looking to start a career in graphic design?

Do-Min: My biggest piece of advice is to look for interesting announcements and experiences for students. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends when there is a chance to improve your career. Connections can make the biggest difference.

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