Getting Creative in Korea

Seoul, Korea is home to more than 10 million people. So how does one student stand out in the crowd? Lee Eun-Jae found out just how powerful earning a certification can be. Find out how she used her Adobe Certified Associate certification to land an amazing job as a graphic designer.

Certiport: We’re so excited to hear more about your experiences. Thanks for chatting with us.

Eun-Jae: No problem! I’m excited to be selected!

Certiport: Our first question is about your passion for design. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career as a graphic designer?

Eun-Jae: I wanted to pursue a design career when I was very young, so I chose to design in high school to pursue my career as a graphic designer.

Certiport: Obviously creativity and expression are super important to you. Tell us about your creative process.

Eun-Jae: There are multiple parts to my creative process. First, I feel like there’s so much in the world that can inspire and spark creativity. I like looking at other’s creative sketches on Behance and Instagram. I also love visiting museums, exhibits, and sightseeing.

Second, my creative process involves taking the experiences and ideas I have on a typical day and putting them together like pieces of a puzzle. Creativity is all about using your own experiences in a unique way.

Certiport: That’s so true! Unique design really comes from past experience. I’m sure you applied that idea at the ACA World Championship.

Speaking of the ACA World Championship, what role do you think certification and the competition played in helping you land the job you have now?

Eun-Jae: I joined OGam Interactive as a graphic designer in 2017. Since then, I‘ve designed event venues, magazine & newspaper advertisements, banners, and brand logos. When I prepared for the ACA Regional and World Championships, I spent a lot of time collecting and classifying design information. This preparation became a stepping stone to enhance my design skill and sense. I also loved meeting with Do-Min, my fellow ACA Korea Champion. It was amazing to share design information and hang out with students who shared our dreams and goals. I can honestly say it was the greatest experience I ever had so far to improve my design skills. It really helped me to get this job.

Certiport: What do you do outside of work to use your creativity?

Eun-Jae: Recently I’ve gotten very interested in art walks, so I’m practicing every day! You can see my paintings on my Instagram account, ripe.jam.

Certiport: How fun! One last question for you. What advice would you give to students who are interested in graphic design?

Eun-Jae: Enjoy what you do! I always try to be creative and have a positive attitude. Too much competition with others is a route that will only move you further away from your goal.

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