The 3 F’s of a Great Holiday Break

Your students may be counting down to the holidays, but no one deserves a break more than teachers. Holiday vacation is a great way to decompress and relax, but it often passes more quickly than we’d like. How do you make sure you’re using each day of your break to relax as much as possible? Find out how:

  1. Front load finals grading: The first F is to front load your work. Trust us, we know that the last thing you want to do when you’ve wrapped up a stressful few weeks before the holidays is to do more work. However, if you front load the work, you can ride stress-free through the rest of the holidays. No one likes the idea of having grading hanging over their head for the whole vacation. Dig down deep, tap into your inner willpower, and wrap up all your last minute tasks before the holidays roll around. You’ll be so glad your mind can focus on the fun things through the rest of the break.
  2. Find time for family and friends: The second F is to find time for your family and friends. Whether you’re spending the holidays with your significant other and children, or having a special day with close friends, this can be one of the best ways to recharge your batteries. Gathering with those that are important to you can help you decompress from stressful time in the classroom. You can always keep it light and relaxing. There’s no need for a big party, if that’s not your style. If dressing up and going out is more your style, run free! Don’t let the time all be spent thinking about students and homework.
  3. Fly solo: The third F is to fly solo. You’ve spent time with those you love, and it’s equally important to take time for you. As a teacher, you spend most of your day surrounded by hundreds of people: students, other teachers, administrators. Holiday vacation is a chance for you to take time to be alone. Create an in-home spa day, get into the outdoors, rediscover an old hobby, take yourself out to dinner and a movie. Get creative! Time for yourself will help you decompress and enable you to be a better teacher when it’s time to get back into the classroom.

Already have your holidays planned out? Comment below and tell us your favorite way to decompress and enjoy yourself. Inspire other teachers to recharge their batteries for the new year.