Getting Paid before a Job Offer: MOS Certification Changes the Rules

Now this seems counter intuitive. How can you get a big check before you actually get a job? Just ask Floridian student and Microsoft Office Specialist, Cory Bolles.

Cory participated in the 2013 MOS US National Championship, winning his category and moving on to take third place at the MOS World Championship. Now earning a $1000 scholarship would seem like a big enough prize right? Wrong! While waiting in the airport, Cory was approached by a female entrepreneur. She had all sorts of questions. “Why do you have a giant check? What did you do to earn it?”

Cory took the chance to explain to her that he’d earned his Microsoft Office Specialist certification in school, and that his high score allowed him to compete in both a national and world competition for Microsoft Office. She was so impressed, that she offered him a job on the spot!

Cory now works as a Web Guru, assisting with web security, managing web properties, and assisting the company’s marketing department. And it all started with that one certification. When asked about the experience, Cory said, “Getting those certifications was really a drive for me. It was something that I really wanted to accomplish. It was more than the actual piece of paper that said, “Hey great, you passed this test.” It’s actually a proven thing that says, “This is proof that you are good at this program, that you’ve mastered it.” And what ended up happening is that I got a job from it!”

So yeah, sometimes the big payday comes before the job offer. Certification means students have the tools to succeed, to get higher paying jobs, and to be successful in college and in their careers.

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